Welcome, beta testers!

Thank you so much for taking time to come and help test this new site.

I hope you can see the potential of it.

Clearly, one of the early challenges is to populate the database with as many cafes as possible, so please please please, submit a few using the Add a Cafe page.

I welcome any comments or suggestions about developing the site to be more useful.

Please either email me (if you’re on the beta tester list, you’ve got my email address) or leave a comment below.

Thanks again!


14 thoughts on “Welcome, beta testers!

  1. John

    Hi Alan. Chester and North Wales have asked all members to nominate their favourite cafe. Whether it’s for 2015 or a list I don’t know but maybe worthwhile asking their secretary.

  2. Andrew Thorn

    Hi Alan,
    Northumberland is absent from the county list. I know of a few up here and I’m sure some of my cycling pals can add more.
    Cheers, Andrew

  3. Chris

    Do you think that an app for iPhone / android would be worth considering? I don’t always plan to ride to a cafe but would good if I could search from current location a map a “good” cycle route to a recommended cafe…..even better if I could get that to my garmin

  4. Cameron Gordon

    Chatterbox Cafe is listed beautifully – but it down as being in Stockton on Tees, which it isn’t. It is in The North Pennines.


    • TheCycleCafe.net Post author

      Hello, I’ve updated the listing for Chatterbox. I’ve put it down as County Durham – is that correct?
      thanks, Alan

  5. Alastair Seagroatt

    A couple of things

    Would be good to be able to add more than 1 photo.

    Also editing for the poster would be useful eg. my autocorrect adjusted Moorfoots to moor foots & I didn’t realise till I’d posted.

    • TheCycleCafe.net Post author

      Thanks Alastair, I have a long list of ideas and suggestions and the ability to have a photo gallery option for listings is on there.
      cheers, Alan

  6. Alastair Seagroatt

    Some idea of what the star rating means would be handy, as it’s abstract at present.

    • TheCycleCafe.net Post author

      Yes, it needs developing further. Others have already suggested separate ratings for food quality, service, bike security etc.
      It’s on the list!

  7. Hal Cain

    Hello from Canada. Great idea! I love the straight forward simplicity of the concept. After all, it’s “eat to ride and ride to eat” in action!

    However, I was going to submit a cafe in Canada, but that was not part of the country drop-down. Would love to post. Can Canada be added? Also, need another beta tester? Let me know. Cheers – Hal

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