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Brabin’s Shop and Tea Room

The tea room serves breakfast, afternoon teas, snacks, teas, coffees, ice cream and traditional swee …

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Pumpkins Deli

Small cafe in a quiet village

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De Mechanieker

Heerlijke fietsenwinkel, fijne mensen en een goede kop koffie

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Café Roubaix

We are a Premier Coffee Shop who love cyclists and cycling. We are also dog friendly and don’t discr …

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Rich’s Cider Farm

Well established restaurant with plenty of room outdoors to eat and drink to look after your bikes. …

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York Lock Naburn

Great views of the river

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North Yorkshire

Milk Churn

Welcome coffee stop for cyclists! Macchiato and cake fully tested. Game on!

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West Sussex

Lighthorne Pavilion Cafe

This is a new cafe next to the cricket pitch in Lighthorne. Friendly staff.

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Olde Stone Trattoria

A bike-friendly, full fare trattoria at the top of the climb from the Chappaqua train station. Outdo …

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Jolly Olly’s Coffee Shop

A small cafe, independent, which welcomes all sorts of people and clearly serves a massive function …

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