Cyclists – where is your favourite cafe?

As a regular regular cyclist, you’ll no doubt recognise the joy of the café stop.

The chance to take a rest, get your breath back, grab something to eat and to chat with friends.

Café stops are surely one of the best bits about riding your bike, but if you go out regularly with a club, say, perhaps you find yourself frequenting the same cafés week after week?

Where are the best cycling cafés?

This site has been lovingly put together to gather information about all the cycle friendly (and perhaps cycle un-friendly!) cafés out there, so that we can all enjoy the best of what’s available. It’s always great to discover new places and this site will help you find the best ones to visit.

Add your favourite cycle café to the map!

All of the content on TheCycleCafé.Net is user generated. All of the listings, and all of the reviews are written by ordinary cyclists just like you.

The scoring system takes an average of all of the ratings, so that the cream will rise to the top.

What are you waiting for? Add your favourite cycle cafe to the map now 🙂

  1. David

    Alan, great idea which has a lot of potential. Just a few observations…

    Home page comments – requires a Facebook login. That counts me out. I wonder how many others.

    Site login – asks for a password, but you are not prompted for one when registering. This means you have to reset the password (that you haven’t set) before you can log in. I almost didn’t bother. I wonder how many others.

    The concept of the site is great but it is dependent upon user momentum.

    My comments are well-intentioned. After all, I’m always struggling to find good cafes.

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